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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Hot off the press: Chapter by Behaviour Workshops in the just-published Handbook of Persuasion and Social Marketing

Brand spanking new for 2015, The Handbook of Persuasion and Social Marketing, a three volume magnum opus edited by Professor David W Stewart, and including a chapter by Behaviour Workshops (under our real names). Our chapter, which appears in Volume II, on “Conceptual, Theoretical and Strategic Dimensions,” takes a ‘compare and contrast’ look at social marketing and behavioural economics (or behavioral economics if you are reading this in the US).  

You’ll get the gist from the chapter title: Social Marketing and Behavioral Economics: Points of Contact? – but don't let that put you off: our workshops, based on our extensive programme of research, are highly practical and provide insights and examples of how the theories can be used in practical interventions to change behaviours. Or, if you prefer, behaviors.   

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