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Monday, 29 January 2018

New Module in Brighton and Sussex Medical School: The Economics of Healthcare and Health-Related Behaviour

Stephen Young (that's me!) is looking forward to teaching on the new one week module at Brighton and Sussex Medical School aimed at health care professionals, managers, commissioners and leaders actively involved in, or with an interest in financial and economic aspects of health care in the public, private or voluntary sectors. The module, which starts on Monday 5th February 2018, is delivered on five consecutive days, each of which presents a theme in health economics and health behaviour.

As well as putting health economics in a theoretical framework to help healthcare professionals, healthcare decision-makers, or policy makers make choices on how to decide the best use of limited health resources, the module will also consider the scope for market and demand management by showing how behavioural economics and social marketing can help modify the behaviours which contribute to many health problems. 

This module will consider the challenges facing the healthcare sector using economic concepts such as supply, demand and the market to understand resource allocation. These concepts are then applied to the provision of healthcare services and the promotion of good health. The module considers the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to financing and organizing health services. 

Students are introduced to the main methods of economic evaluation (cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis) and shown how they apply to decision-making in healthcare. We will then spend a day each on social marketing and behavioural economics, before moving on to the final day, an interactive session when students will select a key issue or problem and apply the concepts, theory and tools presented in the module to analyse the problem and critically evaluate possible solutions.

More details of the module (code MDM173) are available from the Module Administrator, Charlotte Hill ( Telephone:  01273 644128